How To Play Crosswordzzz

If you're hooked on crosswords you'll love our new Crosswordzzz daily crossword game. Each day there is a new crossword with just six clues of varying difficulty. Share your results (but not your answers!) with your friends on social media. All for free. Keep your eye on the timer above the crossword - part of the fun is seeing how quickly you can complete it each day.

Simply place your cursor in the square in which you wish to enter a letter and then type the letter before you move to the next square. Made a mistake? Place the cursor AFTER the letter you wish to change and press back space before retyping the letter.

Once complete press the green submit button and the timer will stop. The correct answers will have a green background in the crossword grid; the wrong answers a red background. Instead of the clues the answers will now now displayed, unlike a newspaper crossword where you have to wait until the next day to see the correct answers. However, you can't cheat because the crossword grid is now inactive.

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