How To Play Cardzzz

Cardzzz is a free online poker game with 3 games a day that take just a few minutes. Have fun playing poker or even learn to play poker professionally. Share your results with your friends on social media.

As the poker cards are dealt you can choose to hold (not change) them or draw new cards until you either achieve a score that you are happy with (upon which you can terminate the poker game early) or you have used up your maximum number of six draws - whichever comes first.

The types of poker hand used are recognised poker hands; the scores are those we have allocated so you can measure your performance and compare results with your friends.


Ace, king, queen, jack and ten of a single suit (Score 90)


Five cards of the same suit in sequence (Score 80)

Cardzzz - FOUR OF A KIND

Four cards of the same number (Score 70)

Cardzzz - FULL HOUSE

Three cards of the same number plus two cards of another same number (Score 60)

Cardzzz - FLUSH

Five cards of the same suit not in sequence (Score 50)

Cardzzz - STRAIGHT

Five cards of different suits in sequence (Score 40)


Three cards of the same number (Score 30)

Cardzzz - TWO PAIRS

Two pairs of the same number (Score 20)

Cardzzz - PAIR

One pair of the same number (Score 10)

Cardzzz - NO SCORE

None of the above (Score 0)

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